Friday, June 4, 2010

About That...

So I don't blog anymore.  I've realized the reason behind that is because I'm too self conscious and concerned with what other people think.  Mainly people I know.  I'm so worried that a family member or friend of the family will read my genuine thoughts and feelings and then I have to hear it from my mom.  'It' being how our lives should be kept private and the world doesn't need to know about our struggles or ugly stuff.

I guess I'm just torn. I have no problem putting it all out there for strangers to see. But for family? That's the part I'm struggling with.


James said...

I feel what you are saying. I have moved all the way across the country from my family. I live in San Diego and the bulk of my family is still in Virginia. Really all the family I have ever really known is still there. I have always been the loner though. My wife is really similar her family is all in Slovakia. We have a lot of freedom that is because we are so distant from our families.

It is weird because I think I am the only one in my family that blogs or has a facebook page. Part of me thinks it is because I am out here pretty much alone and they have each other. The other part thinks it is because I work with college students and they have showed me all this technology and gotten me engaged with it.

Unknown said...

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